Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Today I am departing from the usual post about Jerusalem in honor of Friday the 13th.

Fire in Jerusalem (it got put out pretty fast)

For various reasons, Friday the 13th has been associated with unfortunate events and happenings. Well, perhaps that's true, or perhaps it was just a coincidence that a fire began in Jerusalem during class today. I don't have the answer, but it did cause me to look up a little more info on wikipedia about this superstitious date.

It turns out there is somewhat religious symbolism behind Friday 13th. In many religions and cultures, the number "12" is considered complete and whole. Think of the Twelve Apostles, twelve calendar months, twelve hours on a clock, the twelve tribes of Israel, etc. Because of the stark contrast, the number "13" got a bad rap. Honestly, I don't suffer from friggatrishtkaidekaphobia, but I suppose that anything that brings disorder could gain a bad reputation.

Hope all is well! Tomorrow I will be visiting the Garden Tomb!



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  1. hahaha...I say "frigga- ta bout it!" superstition! :-) This post gave me a good chuckle...and happy Friday the 13th back atcha! So far, so good here -- but I'm glad they got your fire put out! Love ya bunches! xoxo :-)