Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Check out the family you've raised!
Happy birthday, Mom! I hope you have as great of a day as I've had! It was nice talking with you this morning, and I hope you've continued to enjoy your day. Thanks for being the wonderful woman that you are. You are an example to many, and I am proud to call you "Mom." Have fun with Dad on the cruise! You will be in my thoughts and prayers (not only today, but always!).



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  1. Thank you, thank you!! Both for the phone call "bright and early", and for the shout out here! haha I appreciate your thoughts and prayers... AND, just for the record, it is easy being a happy mom to a son such as yourself! You bring a great JOY into my life... Keep enjoying your experience, and be prepared for photo "show and tell" when you return... from both of us! Love you... xoxo