Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nabi Samwil

About a week ago I visited the cenotaph of the Prophet Samuel. Covered by a Jewish synagogue, the cenotaph honors Samuel and his many contributions to the Israelites. As a child, I, too, was taught of Samuel and his prophetic leadership in the Bible. While the stories about Samuel interested me, what I found even more intriguing could be seen to the east.

A view of the Gibeon Tel from Nabi Samwil

As you look out across the valley from Nabi Samwil, a noticeable tel (remains of generations of cities built on top of one another) catches your view. It is the ancient city of Gibeon.

For those of us a little rusty on our study of the Old Testament, Gibeon is a city not far from Jerusalem. The Gibeonites had made a treaty with Joshua and were soon after under attack from the enemies of Israel. A battle ensued in which the Lord miraculously defeated the enemies of Israel in this very valley (click here to read the Biblical account).

We stood at the top of Nabi Samwil overlooking the valley surrounding Gibeon and read that account from Joshua. It is so much easier to visualize when you can stand there and see it. I'm grateful that our Jewish, Muslim, and Christian friends have made such an effort to maintain these sacred and historic sites so that others can benefit from them.



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  1. I continue to learn...and it is much easier to picture with "a picture"! Thanks for this post! I am glad you are getting "up close and personal" with the Bible and the Holy Land. :-) Love you bunches!