Sunday, January 22, 2012

Off to Jordan

Today we are making the trek to the neighboring country of Jordan! We will be there for this whole week, visiting the sites and enjoying the culture. Most notably, we will be at Petra on Wednesday. We watched "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade" to prepare for our experience.

Man, school can be alot more fun when you get to go on "vacation" as part of class :) I won't have my computer for a few days, but I'll post some more pictures soon!



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  1. I love reading all your posts! I want to hear more about some of your daily life at the Jerusalem Center if you have a chance. What is the food like? Do you eat out ever? Does everyone take classes together, etc... :) Love you and thanks for the wonderful job you're doing with your blog. It's great seeing all these awesome places you've been able to visit.