Monday, January 2, 2012



Orientation turned out to be much more intense than anticipated. In fact, it wasn't at all what I had expected.

Professor Jim Kearl conducted the orientation meeting. You may recognize the name. He is the infamous Econ 110 professor at BYU. You can check out his ratings here.

I'm stoked. The BYU Jerusalem Center has been on my mind since my first days at BYU. Now I finally get the chance to experience the Holy Land! I imagine reading the Bible will never be the same. Not to mention all of the cultural experiences and politics I will be immersed in.

Mom, it's been fun to be with you over Christmas break. Thanks for everything you've done to make my stay in California and here in Provo great! I'll miss our early morning chats, but hopefully through this blog you'll get to share in a at least a few of my adventures in the coming months! I love you!




  1. Yeah, Kearl scared half of our girls that they had to dress Amish or else be groped in the streets.

  2. I had a wonderful "Break" with you, too! I will miss our daily convos, but am SO excited for you (and a bit jealous)... AND, I cannot wait for the stories when you get home! Oh, and the pics! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Love and prayers, Me :-) xoxo