Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orson Hyde Memorial Garden

A view from the garden
The Orson Hyde Memorial Garden is a trail that winds down the side of the Mount of Olives, just down the street from the BYU Jerusalem Center. The park has special meaning to the Latter-day Saint community. We spent our Sabbath on the trail that leads through the memorial garden and to the Garden of Gethsemane.

Orson Hyde, one of the orignal members of the Twelve Apostles in this dispensation, trekked to the Holy Land in 1841. On 24 October, he walked up the side of the Mount of Olives and then dedicated and blessed the land.

Though the land is owned by the Israeli government, the Church was given permission by Jerusalem's mayor to fund the project of beautifying the land. In 1979 the park was dedicated (to read more about Orson Hyde and the memorial garden, click here). 

Walking the trails of the garden allows splendid views of the Old City and other parts of the surrounding area. We walked, talked, laughed, and couldn't help but think of Orson Hyde climbing the side of the hill to offer the dedicatory prayer over 150 years ago.

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