Friday, February 3, 2012

Herod's Palace

One of the first sites I visited was Herod's palace.

Jason and I sitting in Herod's palace--Herod had people drowned in the pool just to the left of us.
After obtaining regional power, Herod the Great wanted to make his name known forever. One of the ways he tried to create his legacy was by building an impressive palace (not far from the current Jordanian border). Though he tried to leave his mark on the world, today little is left of his then stunning getaway. I suppose no matter who you are and what you have, the only thing that matters when you're dead is how you lived--that's the lesson Herod's palace taught me.

Check it. Professor Ludlow lookin' like a boss



  1. Seeing this site was worth the lesson you learned! But, you know, you're lookin' pretty boss there yourself... haha Love you!! :-)

  2. I like you live is what really matters. Thanks for the reminder!