Friday, February 17, 2012

Mount Nebo

While in Jordan we visited a site of great significance to the Bible. After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites came near unto the promised land. Moses was commanded to climb to the top of Mount Nebo, where he viewed the land Israel was to inherit. Traditionally, it is here that Moses died (though LDS theology differs on this point). Therefore, Mt. Nebo is still honored today as the resting place of Moses. Accordingly, he has several monuments dedicated to him at the summit of the mountain.

The view the Israelites would have had of the "Promised Land"

The statue of the bronze serpent at the top of the mountain stuck out to me more than anything else. It commemorates the "attack" of poisonous serpents on the Israelites, and how they were saved by looking at Moses' staff (in the shape of a serpent). Luckily for us, the account in Numbers is elaborated on in the Book of Mormon.

In fact, some of my favorite passages in the Book of Mormon describe this event. Most importantly, the Book of Mormon teaches that many of the children of Israel did not look because of the "simpleness of the way," which seems to ring a bell with the themes of the Old Testament (specifically the story of Naaman) and the apostasy that occurred among the Israelites.

Bronze Serpent--monument to Moses

In short, I felt my visit to Mt. Nebo uplifting and memorable. Plus, what great views!




  1. Great views, indeed! With each post I read, I realize how wonderful it is that all of your future scripture study will be enhanced by "seeing" so many important and pertinent sites. Keep enjoying, learning, recording, and internalizing! We love following your adventures! xoxo :-)

  2. woooohhh!!! I love Jerusalemm!!!!!
    and recess pieces...but not really.