Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of the most impressive sites I've seen thus far is Petra. Originally, Petra was used by the Nabateans as a burial spot for their kings. They sculpted gargantuan tombs out of rock walls to honor their most glorious leaders.

For most people, Petra gained its fame from the movie, "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade." You may recall that near the end of the movie, Indie and some of his German enemies make their way to a tomb hidden in the "valley of the crescent moon." This is the spot where that portion of the movie was filmed.

Two spots in Petra stood out to me above the rest--The Siq (which is really just a naturally created valley cut into the stone), and The Monastery, one of the most impressive tombs of the Nabateans.

The Siq:

The Monastery:
A network of tombs
The towering "Monastery"

Perhaps, but we seemed to make it just fine ;-)

The Monastery was cut into the side of this cliff and is all one giant sculpture. Pretty impressive.



  1. Love those pictures!! That monastery is truly amazing... Nothing like the monastery that we used to take you guys to during Primary each week while living in Prague...haha :-) Good memories... I am glad that you continue to post pics and descriptions from prior trips. I keep your itinerary on my kitchen counter, and follow your daily schedule. Thanks for keeping this blog, and doing such a nice job of explaining your adventure. Love you!! xoxo

  2. WOW!!!!!! These photos are incredible!!!! WOW!!!!