Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sycomore Tree

As Jesus was walking through Jericho, He was thronged by a group of people. Zacchaeus, hoping to catch a glimpse of Him, climbed a sycomore tree. This tree is celebrated as the spot where this event took place (read more). 

Pretty much everything in the Holy Land has some kind of connection to biblical history. That makes walking around so much fun!




  1. I have been reading your blog everyday, but somehow the comment I posted on here kept being denied...that's right: DEee-nied. But it was great, I promise. I enjoy reading about all of the sights you are seeing, which will forever influence your future readings of the Bible. :-)

  2. It's really wonderful that you can be there and have tangible objects that help put so many of those biblical events into a more real life perspective.