Saturday, February 25, 2012

Various Adventures

Walking into one of the olive wood nativity shops, we were surprised to find BYU, Utah State, and U of U flags hanging on the walls. We were even more shocked when we saw a picture of Joseph & Emma Smith! Are these vendors trying to targe a particular audience? 

Zedekiah's Cave

Arab Culture night!

Jimmy--one of the vendors--held a raffle for the BYU students,
and I won a free nativity!

Mark & Megan "climbing on the antiquities"
Roommate pic--Mark and Trav at Machaerus, where John the Baptist may have been beheaded.
The joys of camera timers. 
Why I'm happy to be a guy:


Rest stop during our Jordan trip.



  1. Love the random photos of "behind the scenes" of everyday life...haha They help paint a picture of interesting, but verbally undocumented, experiences... :-) I had to laugh at the restroom line pics. When we were in Hawaii last month, the line for the women's restroom in Lahaina was so long, that I used the men's room (no men were in line for their restroom). You should have seen the look on this man's face when I emerged (he had come while I was inside)...haha Love you, and love your blog!! :-) xoxo

  2. Wouldn't it go faster if the gals also started using that hole in the ground in front of them? It just looks like a Chinese toilet...