Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Wailing Wall

Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit the wailing wall. It is a known throughout all the world as a gathering place for religious Jews. In fact, their Sabbath (which begins Friday night) is celebrated by singing, dancing, and reciting verses from the Torah at the wailing wall. 

The Wailing Wall during the day--it's much more crowded Friday nights

As far as cultural experiences go, being at the wailing wall for the beginning of Shabbot ranks in my favorites. We were welcomed into a group of young Jewish men, who taught us a traditional dance and showed us their worship service. It was pretty fun to participate!




  1. I am glad that you guys are able to participate in ways that the average tourist can't (due to time and relationship restraints). It is nice to see you seeking out these experiences -- Keep enjoying!! :-) Love you, xoxo

  2. THIS I would really love to experience. I'm glad you had the opportunity.