Saturday, March 17, 2012


We spent a week traveling through Turkey. Our first stop--Istanbul.

Among other things we enjoyed a cruise on the Bosphorus, shopping in the Grand Bazaar (and the best baklava I've ever had!), the impressive water cistern of Istanbul, and the infamous Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Turkey is a unique country, the only secular Muslim nation trying to enter the EU. Istanbul is the cultural capital of Turkey and quite the impressive city. Looming on ever hill is a grand mosque, with minarets towering over everything in the surrounding. It's also the only major city to span two continents--Europe & Asia.

Huntsy, Mark, & Makara on a cruise down the Bosphorus 

Istanbul was especially meaningful to me, as I had visited the city 16 years earlier. As I walked through the Grand Bazaar, I was surprised at the memories that came back to me--sitting in a rug shop with my parents bartering for the Turkish carpets that adorn our home, people wanting to touch my "golden" hair, and Turkish delight. I didn't know what Turkish delight was until I bit into it, and then the memories came flooding back. I disliked Turkish delight as a kid. I guess tastes can easily bring back old feelings ;-)

Turkish delight with Sarah Jane!

Hagia Sophia



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  1. Such pretty shots! And it brings back memories from our trip there years ago... Thanks for sharing! :-)