Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Neot Kedummim

Awhile ago we visited a park that was meant to resemble what life would have been like in Biblical times, known as Neot Kedummim. We crushed hyssop, herded sheep, and watched a man write part of the Torah, among other things. Quite a treat!

That's me grinding hyssop, which we later ate with our lunch!
Sheep herding is much more difficult than expected...I can't imagine doing it alone!

An almond tree. The branch I'm holding would have been similar to the one that "budded" on Aaron's staff, signifying that his tribe was the rightful heir to the Priesthood.

Official Torah scribe--a highly revered and very difficult profession in Jewry



  1. Love reading about these experiences... So nice to see the buds on the almond tree! Looks like you are "warming up" there. Keep making the most of your remaining time...only about one month left. Wow, you are packing a lot in, but the time is flying by! Enjoy!!