Monday, March 19, 2012

Turkey at a Glance

Here are the rest of the highlights of our trip to Turkey!

Assos flyin' the Turkish flag
Davis still recovering from his injury

Matching sweatshirts photo shoot in Ephesus

The steepest theater in the world--Pergamum

St. John's Basilica

The ancient goddess of victory in Ephesus, NI-Keah, or "Nike"--do you see the "swoosh?"

Davis again

Check out photo 31 of your LDS Bible Dictionary--yeah, we found it.
Hannah picking up guys at the Gym(nasium)
Public site for washing oneself before prayers
The Library in Ephesus
Ritual washing after evening prayers

Priene--possibly my favorite site in all of Turkey


Check out Hannah's mane!



  1. GREAT SHOTS!!! It made me think of our trip there as a family, the scenery and history are incredible. But I must say most of our shots weren't as creative as yours! Awesome!

  2. WOW...those are awesome pictures! I loved the St. John's basilica photo, as well as the Bible Dictionary one...and, well, really I loved them all! Thanks for posting these! :-)