Friday, April 6, 2012

Me & My Nikon

I got a little artsy on our trip in Galilee and decided to practice my amateur photography skills. Perhaps this will make some of the sites we saw somewhat more enjoyable to look at!


Caesarea Philippi
Diversity can be beautiful


Sunset on the Sea of Galilee

Tel Dan

Caesarea Philippi

Nimrod's Castle

Overlook from Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged the Priests of Baal

Israeli Defense Site in the Golan Heights



  1. Wowsers!! That post is a literal feast for the eyes!! Thank you muchly! :-) What a beautiful Easter gift to your "readers"... The colors pop, and testify of a glorious creation. Also, those shells on the beach remind me of the time we were on vacation with you guys (years ago), and we came upon a beach LOADED with good fairy rocks! Remember that??!! I think it was on the Croatian coast...but you kids were sure that we had discovered the place where your good fairy was dumping all of the rocks you had given to her...haha Yep, those shells are numerous and beautiful!! So are the other sites...Loved this feast! Thanks, again! Love you, Son...Happy, Happy Easter, indeed! He IS risen! :-)

  2. AWESOME! You could make thankyou cards out of these.....